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Kaginado Season 2 Episode 10 English Subbed | KissAnime

The election season rages on, with more and more people running for president. Can Yuri win the election and become a god? Do the others in the Afterlife Battlefront even care anymore?

It’s student council election season! Many students are running for president, which is rumored to be a position that grants godlike powers for some reason.

Key franchise heroines go through a lot of hardships, but not during their secret pajama party! Here, the heroines are free from worry. Well, at least the main heroines are.

The Afterlife Battlefront is here, and they’re convinced that this whole KAGINADO show is some sort of cruel conspiracy. They have evidence to prove their assertion. Or, at the very least, Yuri thinks she does.

Yuri decided to tap into the rebellious energy of everyone at the academy through the chaotic power of rock and roll, which would disrupt the status quo and summon a god. The students, adult chaperones, and failed hijackers arrive at the beach and begin their designated beach activities. It’s swimsuit time!

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  • Kaginado Season 2 Episode 10

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